Training & Assistance

Prior to the introduction of employee ownership, the VEOC can:

  • Conduct a Business Assessment to provide first-cut analyses to determine whether employee ownership is advisable for particular businesses, and whether further investigation is warranted.
  • If the preliminary analysis shows promise, provide referrals to technical and legal resources and to trade organizations specializing in employee ownership.
  • Identify funding for feasibility studies, business plans and other soft costs.
  • Coordinate transactions, particularly in cases where groups of employees are making an offer for a business.

After the introduction of employee ownership, the VEOC can:

  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning among employee-owned companies in the state.
  • Help companies create and implement ownership education programs.
  • Troubleshoot problems, provide assistance, and provide referrals to other Vermont companies and/or consultants who have encountered similar situations.