Ryan Thornton

Communications and Outreach Coordinator


Ryan joined VEOC in summer 2021 to take responsibility for communications, marketing, and outreach efforts. Prior to joining the team, he kept busy covering city politics as a journalist and spent a year teaching English abroad in France. He received an MA in Literature from Texas State University in 2017 and a BA in Writing from The University of Texas in 2014. His free time involves exploring the region on foot, swimming in the lake, and rollerblading around Burlington’s Old North End, where he lives with his partner and cat.

Matt Cropp

Executive Director


Matt has been with the organization since 2014, where he has developed deep expertise in employee ownership models. In addition to his leadership role, he is responsible for managing social media, event planning and promotion, coordinating with a national network of employee ownership practitioners and a variety of other activities advancing the VEOC's mission. Matt received his MA in History from UVM in 2011, where he studied economic history and the origins of cooperative finance, and he's involved on a volunteer basis with a number of co-op projects both locally and nationally. He lives in the New North End of Burlington with his partner and a pair of very friendly rabbits.

Don Jamison

Program Director


As one of the founders of the VEOC, Don has been with the organization since 2001. He works with the board to plan and deliver VEOC’s educational offerings, and works with those in established companies assess the potential of employee ownership for their businesses.