Board of Directors

davefitzgerald Dave Fitz-Gerald is Vice President, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and an employee-owner of Carris Reels. Dave is responsible for finance, banking, insurance, tax, accounting, auditing, budgeting, forecasting, cost accounting, credit, collection, computer, and legal aspects of the company's business. Prior to joining Carris Reels, Dave worked in public accounting, and was first introduced to the company in 1986 as an entry-level auditor. He is also the President of the New England Chapter of The ESOP Association.
pamgreene Pam Greene is the Program Coordinator for the Vermont Women's Mentoring Program, a program of Mercy Connections, and is owner of a certified organic agri-business, Ox Pasture Maples. Prior to that she was Director of the Women's Small Business Program. She also served as director of the Vermont Economic Opportunity Office during the Kunin Administration.
michaelgurdon Michael A. Gurdon, PhD is Professor & Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at the University of Vermont's School of Business Administration. His teaching specialties lie in the areas of international management and organizational behavior. He has been a consultant on strategic and human resource planning for a variety of private and public organizations. His research interests encompass employee ownership, industrial democracy, academic entrepreneurship and the commercialization of scientific invention. He is the Board Secretary of the VEOC.
paulmillman Paul Millman is President of Chroma Technology Corp. in Rockingham, Vermont. Chroma Technology was founded in 1991 as a non-ESOP, non-coop employee-owned company. Chroma is now one of Vermont's fastest growing companies and continues to be 100% employee-owned. Paul also serves on the board of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and is the Board Chair of the VEOC.
dunbaroehmig Dunbar Oehmig is a founder and co-owner of Red House Inc., an employee-owned building and restoration company located in Burlington, Vermont. Dunbar is also on the board of the Vermont Green Building Network.
susanreid Susan Reid has worked at King Arthur Flour Company since 2002. She's developed and tested recipes for the James Beard award-winning Baker's Companion cookbook, and is coauthor of King Arthur's Cookie Companion and Whole Grain Baking. Susan also writes and edits the award-winning King Arthur Flour newsletter, The Baking Sheet, does baking demonstrations all over the country, and teaches at the Baking Education Center in Norwich, VT. The King Arthur Flour Company has provided America's bakers with premium-quality flour for more than 200 years and has been 100% employee-owned since 1996.

Mary Steiger is the Director of PT360, the first and only Physical Therapy Cooperative in New England.  She earned her graduate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and her undergraduate degree from St. Michael’s College. She has been a member of the APTA for 30 years and has served on the Advisory board of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at UVM for 5 years.  Mary has held many managerial positions in healthcare businesses both private and public.  Mary is very active in the community in addition to serving on the VEOC Board, she serves on the Vermont Elder Resouce Group (VERG), CVAA, and is very active in Vermont DragonHeart Survivorship NOW initiative. 

cindyturcot Cindy Turcot is the Chief Operating Officer at Gardener's Supply Company, a direct mail and web company located in Burlington, Vermont. Gardener's Supply has had an ESOP since 1987 currently owning 45% of the company. Cindy started and has served on the internal ESOP Committee since its inception. She has a strong commitment to open book management and promoting ESOP education and is a driving force for a strong ownership culture within the company. Cindy is the Immediate Past President of the New England Chapter of the ESOP Association and the Board Treasurer of the VEOC.