Woodbelly Pizza


Years of Employee Ownership: Since 2014
Headquarters: Montpelier, VT
Line of business: Event catering

Woodbelly is a farm-to-table catering company specializing in artisan pizzas cooked in mobile, wood-fired ovens. Woodbelly was founded in 2008 by Jonah Bourne and Jeremiah Church, and has been a worker-owned cooperative since 2014.

"We are excited to develop a welcoming pathway to ownership for our workers," the company's website states. "The current members are dedicated to empowering the people who work with us around creativity, style, financial literacy, transparency and self-management. We measure ourselves by our ability to pay our staff well and provide a safer, more generative working environment. The cooperative is in a constant process, building this business in commitment to growing and changing in ways that help us show up as whole people at work. We have all experienced traumatic and disempowering dynamics in the workplace; our commitment to these things is informed by an analysis of the inherent alienation that comes with working in a capitalist economy.