PT 360 Company Profile

PT 360

Year Founded: 2010
Year(s) of Employee Ownership: 11 years
Headquartered in: Williston, Burlington, South Burlington, and Shelburne
Number of Employees: 36
Line of Business: Physical therapy and athletic training 
Profile last updated: August 18th, 2021

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PT360 began as a group of 12 Owner/Members, Preferred Share Holders, and a Board of Directors, which consisted of 4 member/owners (3 of which are revolving positions lasting 2 years and the President), and 3 outside professionals.  In August 2010, PT360 opened its Burlington, Vermont office and started treating patients.  In December 2010, PT360 opened its Williston, Vermont clinic and started treating patients.

"We raised our practice standards to include volunteering fifteen or more hours/month to community outreach, serving on a Board of Directors (non-paid) in the community, and having each Owner/Member establish and grow a medically directed exercise program within our clinic.  The results were astonishing: we have tripled the Burlington clinic space in two years and moved into a new space in 2012, maxed out the Williston clinic, and developed a third clinic in Shelburne, Vermont, which opened in September 2013."

"The owner/members created PT360 from the ground up with a solid foundation of committed owners. We knew we didn’t want any one person to assume the financial risk of opening a physical therapy clinic.  We wanted autonomy, we wanted to focus on our differences as they related to the group as a whole, We wanted to deliver healthcare unlike any of our competitors, we wanted to share in the financial risk, we wanted to play an active role in the community, and we wanted to take over the financial decisions (loss or gains) of our business." 

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