Chelsea Green Publishing


Year Founded: 1984
Years of Employee Ownership: ESOP created in 2012; 100% ESOP since 2019
Headquarters: White River Junction, VT
Additional locations: London, UK
Employees: 25
Line of business: Book publishing



Chelsea Green Publishing was founded in 1984 by Margo and Ian Baldwin in Chelsea, Vermont. Since then, the company has published more than 400 titles, including well-known books like The Art of FermentationThe End of America, and The Man Who Planted Trees. The company is a leading publisher of books concerning the politics and practices of sustainable living, such as organic farming and gardening, ecology, healthy living, sustainable economics, and progressive politics.

In 2012, the company created an ESOP which owned 78% of the company until 2019, when the company completed the ownership transfer and became 100% employee-owned. The conversion is "aimed at keeping Chelsea Green an independent publisher, keeping its roots firmly planted in Vermont, and ensuring that the publishing vision started in 1984 lives far into the future," according to the company website.